Everything is in the Details


Now is the time to give your personal favorites a prominent place in your decor. Dare not to match the works, colors and patterns to create a unique home. There is no right or wrong - everything will be as you set it!

We are happy to finally present our website to you. A brand that helps you create your own gallery wall to create the look you want in your home. Choose from a variety of wall colors, layouts and frames to design a gallery wall to your specifications. You can choose the design you want and give your wall a unique look.

Combine the old with the new!
Achieving success with a unique mix of styles has a lot to do with combining old elements with new ones. Walls look great paired with second-hand and heirloom items, timeless design classics or the latest from chain stores.

Choose a big wall!
One of the absolute easiest ways to get to know your character and personality is to design a gallery wall! Combine motifs from different categories - graphic, hand-drawn and vintage all look great together. There is an important trend in art in the age of witness right now; is the use of more colors, mixed styles and patterns. Pair wooden frames with metal frames, along with different sizes to create a more personalized look.

Decorate your posters around a focal piece.
To get the right look, choose an item to base the decor on, then build your posters around it!

Gain experience combining patterns, colors and materials.
Large patterned floral fabrics, squares and abstract shapes - no rules here! You are the rule.
Start with a neutral-colored base with light-colored walls, it's always easier to add color, pattern, and different textures.