Time to Renovate Your Home with Your Posters!

How to show your posters! We know it can be difficult to determine the finishing touches on your interior decoration, so we created this newsletter series for you where our professionals share their best tips and tricks for achieving the exact look you want!

Symmetry, contrast, an extravagant gallery wall or posters in pairs? The options are endless when it comes to styling your posters! Below are three tips from our pros to help you put the finishing touches on your room:

1. Prefer symmetry.
Combining several designs of the same size in a rectangular shape can make a big difference! Regardless of the number of posters you choose, you can avoid a messy look by combining them in similar color schemes. Use matte around posters for a stylish look.

2. Work around furniture.
Large gallery walls are trending on Pinterest, especially frames that take up the entire wall. For that extra 'wow factor', give the impression of a more relaxed space by extending your gallery wall towards the floor and around the furniture.

3. Take advantage of windows and smaller spaces.
Use a lighter motif as part of a natural lifestyle or mount a stylish frame on the rim of your window. This style is perfect for those who live in smaller spaces or want to limit how much of the room can be seen from the outside.