About Our Posters

We know that quality makes a big difference. All of our posters are printed on 350 g/m2 premium paper with a matte finish. The paper is archival protected, meaning it does not turn yellow over time.

The paper we print is also FSC certified, supporting the sustainability of our planet. In addition, Yaris Note Poster Printing Center, which is the most modern printing facility in Turkey, has ISO 14001 certificate. We print our posters in our own workshop and guarantee a perfect print.

We send our posters in a specially prepared durable box, without any damage, to Turkey, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other most important countries in the world.


We aim to do our best for a sustainable future and we are aware that there are many more steps ahead. Our main goal is to use ECO-labeled materials.

  • Recycle ♻️

    There is very little waste in our poster production as all our paper is suitable for recycling. We do our best to reuse and recycle our posters. Our paper can be recycled up to seven times.

About Our Frames

High quality frames are essential to give our posters the frame they deserve. Our frames are of the highest quality and all feature the exceptional 1.2mm plexiglass type.

Choosing a color is not always easy. The frame should not only match your print, but also your wall and the rest of your interior. Our frames are available in black, white, oak and brown.

When purchasing a poster from us, it's easy to add a frame next to your poster. No matter what size you buy from our range, you can always choose a matching frame. We have sizes from 13x18cm to 50x70cm.

Our frames are made of MDF and plastic. The front guards are plexiglass, not glass. It is very important to protect both you and your loved ones in disaster situations.